Best Sellers Set - Giving Soaps

Cream of the Crop: Best Selling Soap Set

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8-Bar Set
You have that hard-to-shop-for friend/co-worker/relative, and her birthday is here...again. *Sigh*  You have no idea what to get her. But just then, your better friend/co-worker/relative suggests the Cream of the Crop set! Birthday crisis averted! And, unlike the gift sets in the [shall remain nameless] store, our gift set comes to you handcrafted, hand-packaged, and gift wrapped by a real human. The FREE card will even have real human writing on it! No cellophane here, and none of those gross glue pads that could hold a toddler to a wall. You've probably come close to losing an eye trying to dislodge the bottle stuck in that, haven't you?? 
This marvelous set of 'fresh from the farm' bars includes: 
(2) Orange Blossom
(2) Cherry Almond
(2) Ultimate Oatmeal
(2) Lavender Noir
Plus, a Soap Sweater! 
Yay for Eco Packaging! Each pair of soaps is wrapped in tissue paper, and then lovingly arranged in a beautiful gift box, along with the sweater. As long as your recipient doesn't tear into the package like King Kong, both should be reusable. 
Ingredients You Can Pronounce: 
Orange Blossom:
Cherry Almond:
Ultimate Oatmeal:
Lavender Noir: