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Shower Fizzy: Sinus Soother

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If your poor nose has sniffed better days, and you can barely breath enough to keep your body going, set one of these in your shower and watch, er, rather....smell it go to work. Let the marvelous, soothing essential oils envelop you, and feel the tension in your sinuses melt away. Whether it's allergy season or flu season, this shower fizzy may soon be your new best friend.

 How Do You Use It? You want it in a place in your shower where the water is going to sprinkle it, but not constantly wash over it. You probably don't want it on the floor in your shower, but perhaps in a corner or on the side. Test out a few different places if you'd like. One you find a perfect, sprinkle-y place, simply shower as usual. 

Note: These work exceptionally well if you close the bathroom door & windows and shower in hotter water. Your bathroom will become an aromatherapy steam room.

Yay for Eco Packaging! No plastic, no box, no problem!