Blame it All on My Roots: Our Story

This is an actual picture of my dad's cornfield at dawn. 

sunrise over cornfield
It was here that I had my epiphany. 

This past August, I found myself riding shotgun through a cornfield (the one pictured above) at sunrise on my dad’s ATV. After our usual 5:00AM coffee, we spent the morning loading a truck with corn & examining the latest tractor brought in for repairs. Later we took off on this new-ish toy to explore a piece of land that he had purchased since my last visit. He slowed down so I could take a close up picture of a stalk of corn (telling me, “this one’s really nice” as he veered suddenly through a mud puddle to get closer). Only then did it dawn on me…this is unique.
The typical person I spend my days with would be hard pressed to tell me the difference between a Holstein and a Jersey cow. Whereas I grew up surrounded by herds of each, and can’t remember a day I didn’t spend time with some kind of animal.
Last summer, it occurred to me: I’m still a farm girl. Living in the suburbs, I miss routinely communing with nature, the wide open spaces, and the “okay-ness” of dirt. I will always have a need for simplicity, a spirit ready for adventure, and the determination to do things for myself (ok…maybe that last one is just genetic ;) ).
To authentically offer you a product made by me, the product must reflect the roots that my family has blessed me with. I suppose that the influence has always been there, but it will now be unmistakable. I hope that my renewed excitement will inspire you, and I look forward to introducing you to all that is Farmgirl Forever.

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